Arif Masood Jansmpark continues in the central assembly Bhopal

A grand welcome by Jansampark took place at the Radisson Hotel, Ishwar Nagar, Ward No. 50. Every citizen is happy with the development work done in the New Bhopal Central Assembly. This affinity of the people would be form the Congress government again. Masood, in full confidence! In the Old City area and on both sides, he received full public support. Jehangirabad’s former Corporator, Rehan Golden, again shook hands with Arif Masood; his support would be beneficial. In the old city, Rehan Golden had Grand welcome to Arif Masood in ward no. 34. In Jehangirabad, Budhwara area, some people are not satisfied with Masood’s development. Many people said there was no development in the area. Now people support him in Jansampark and he is getting a grand welcome in every ward.

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