Shah Rukh Khan says he has not given up on Hollywood dream

Shah Rukh Khan says his burning ambition to break into mainstream cinema is as strong as ever.

I want to end my career by making that film which is loved by the whole world – then nobody will ask why I haven’t I crossed over into Hollywood
Shah Rukh Khan

“I really wanted to [be the next James Bond], but I think I’m too short,” said Khan, who is 1.69 metres tall.

“I’ve said this honestly, but nobody believes it – nobody’s ever offered me any crossover work of substance,” said Khan.

“Yes, Slumdog was there and I spent a lot of time with Mr Boyle. He’s very sweet. But I was doing, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on television successfully at that time.

“I just felt, in the [Slumdog] story that was being told, the guy who was hosting was very mean, he was cheating and dishonest. I found that strange, so I explained to Mr Boyle that I wouldn’t like to do it.”

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