Legend Star “Dilip Kumar” Dies Aged 98

Dilip Kumar (December 11, 1922-7 July 2021), often referred to as the ‘Tragedy King’ of Bollywood or the “First Khan”, has died aged 98. Dilip Sahab who was born in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1922, was working in the film industry since 1944, when he starred in his first feature film, a romantic drama called Jwar Bhata. He was last seen on the big screen in family drama Qila , in which he played both lead roles of twin brothers, Jagannath Singh and Amarnath Singh, in 1998. Dilip Sahab is survived by his wife. The couple had no children, although he has a nephew, Ayub Khan, who is also an actor and son of Kumar’s late brother, actor Nasir Khan.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan expressing sorrow over the legendary actor.

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